Project Personnel

Prof. Dr. Cyril Levitt

Cyrill Prof. Dr. Cyril Levitt is the Director of the Lawrence Krader Research Project, a professor in the Department of Sociology and one of the department's past chairs. He worked with Lawrence Krader from 1969 until the latter’s death in 1998, writing his doctoral dissertation under Krader’s supervision at the Institut für Ethnologie at the Freie Universität Berlin. He has edited and published two of Krader’s unpublished manuscripts as books: Labor and Value (with Rod Hay) 2002 and Noetics: The Science of Thinking and Knowing (2010). He is currently working with Dr. Sabine Sander on several other Krader manuscripts. Prof. Levitt has published many books and articles on several topics in sociology and anthropology and is the editor of Hostile and Malignant Prejudice: Psychoanalytic Approaches. London: Karnac Publishers, 2014, a collection of papers by members of the former Committee on Prejudice (Including Antisemitism) of the International Psychoanalytical Association of which he was chair. He is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Toronto.


Dr. Sabine Sander

March-August 2014 and March-November 2015

Sabine Dr. Sabine Sander is currently a Visiting Professor of the Department of Sociology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, financed by a Fellowship granted by the Lawrence Krader Research Project. From 2008 to 2013 she worked as a Research Associate at the Max Weber Center for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies at the University of Erfurt. She received her PhD in 2007 from the University of Leipzig for a doctoral thesis on Theodor W. Adorno and Jean-Francois Lyotard. In February 2015 she completed her Habilitation thesis at the University of Koblenz-Landau with the title “Relationality of the Self and Trust in Dialogue. Jewish German contributions to Culture and Social Theory of Modernity.” From 1997–2002 she studied Cultural Studies, Literature and Journalism at the University of Leipzig and worked as a Teaching Assistant at the Institute of Cultural Studies. Coordinator of the Research Project “On the Interrelations of Philosophy of Language and political thought in German-Jewish Contributions from 18th to 20th centuries.”


Jacqueline Kutt

Jackie Jacqueline Kutt is a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at McMaster University. As a research assistant and junior scholar, she began working with the archives of The Lawrence Krader Research Project in the fall of 2014 in addition to co-facilitating the 2016 International Conference. Her formative studies, from 2008-2012 are grounded in health studies; this specialized focus on human development and the social and material conditions of lived environments led her to undertake sociological studies at the graduate level. She is currently working on some of Krader’s unpublished manuscripts alongside Drs. Cyril Levitt and Sabine Sander, as well as her doctoral dissertation “The Physio-Social-Psychological Self: Points of contact between Pragmatism, Conflict Theory and Symbolic Interactionism” (working title).